What happens when you throw a stone into water? Make a wish in a well? Have a wash in the sink? What are the stories and statistics that come flooding out of the tap (or not)? Does a raindrop remember? Water shapes our landscapes; enters, leaves and fills our bodies; connects us all. But how much do we need? And where is it all coming from?

Drop in the Ocean is a 6 day walking performance in 6 concentric circles around an accompanying, interactive installation: the ripples around a drop ( ( ( ( ( ( . ) ) ) ) ) ) 

It is an invitation for you to join us as we reflect on water: how we use it, why we need it, what it means and why it matters.

It is an opportunity to rehydrate your relationship with water; fall back in love with it; remember how it feels, sounds, tastes, flows and transforms from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Part walking performance, part art installation you may encounter the piece in different ways. Outdoors in the streets or fields, a performer is walking in ever-widening circles around the installation site; carrying water, collecting stories or wishes from the people she encounters, bringing them back to the space at the end of each day. Indoors in the installation itself, lies a quiet space of contemplation; a place for you to meander through a labyrinth of waterscapes and sound loops.

The circular shape of the walks – indoors and out – represent the repercussive ripples on the wider planet that result from the thrown stone of our everyday actions in our local environment. The title of the work is an acknowledgement of how much more we need to do globally, at the same time as it is a challenge to the idea that acting locally is useless: it is the best place to start.

The ocean, after all, is just an infinity of drops.

Drop in the Ocean will next be performed and installed downstairs at Oriel Nwy | Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth from 29 April – 5 May 2015. In the upstairs gallery there will be an installation – film and performance documentation – of the companion piece Dropped in the Ocean: a transnational collaboration with Canadian artist Bronwyn Preece, who will also be in Aberystwyth invigilating and animating both works. In the stairwell space linking the two galleries will be an installation in collaboration with local artist Jane Lloyd Francis; part of her on-going investigation into ancient wells as sacred spaces that offer a sensory connection to landscape.

First conceived on Aberystwyth beach in 2011, it was first performed in Herefordshire beside the River Wye in 2013, around an installation at All Saints Church and Cafe in Hereford City, 14-19th October as part of h.Energy week.

If you would like to see the piece installed or performed at another venue, either in full or modified form, please contact us. We can be  f l u i d.