Pete Telfer of Culture Colony Vision generously created this documentation of the installation and performance at Oriel Nwy | Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth May 2015. The footage of the installation was shot on the final day in the gallery. Sections of the original walks were recreated for camera later in the year, but nonetheless include unstaged encounters with people who I met randomly on the day.

A beautiful one-minute trailer by the SPILL TV team documenting some of the journey and encounters from the first day’s walking at SPILL Festival of Performance, Ipswich, November 2018.

Herefordian water adventurer Mark Jickells, a participant in the Hereford performance/installation, generously offered to make this reflective film of his experience. Mark visited the installation then accompanied me at the start of the following day’s walk, along the Wye to Breinton Spring where he also shared a poem written at and inspired by the place.

A lifelong open water swimmer, Mark’s water adventuring includes his own six day walk from the source of the River Lugg to its confluence with the Wye, documented in his Source to Sound film series.

With sincere thanks to Mark for his time and energy!

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