Drop in the Ocean is being performed at SPILL Festival of Performance in Ipswich this week, 1-3 November 2018. Jess will be walking from 11 am until 5pm each day (approx.) beginning and ending near the La Tour Cycle Cafe. Maps of her routes are available here (give or take the odd deviation, wrong turn or meander):

Thursday 1 November
Friday 2 November
Saturday 3 November

Please click on the images below to access the maps from the previous performances in Hereford (2013) and Aberystwyth (2015).

Drop in the Ocean 1 – Hereford 2013, days 1-6:

Drop in the Ocean Tags23 Drop in the Ocean Tags24 Drop in the Ocean Tags22

Drop in the Ocean Tags21
Drop in the Ocean Tags19 Drop in the Ocean Tags20

Drop in the Ocean 2 – Aberystwyth 2015, days 1-6:

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